About Sports Dork Pins:)

Hello, and thanks for visiting Sports Dork Pins. I had several reasons to open up my store. I love vintage video gaming and college football. I know they really have nothing in common but I love them both. My daughter Allie is low functioning autistic which can be a real challenge sometimes. Her autism prevents my wife from working more than a few hours a week. I work for a grocery company full time and do direct sales for them which means I drive a big truck for a living. We really needed a way to generate some additional income for multiple reasons so I decided to give this a try. I will be putting a portion of each pin sale into a family fund for a nice vacation for us. It's quite an expensive process since in order for my Wife and me to enjoy any time alone dinners etc. we must have an extra adult while on vacation to watch Allie for us. The fact that she is autistic means that the cost of this person for several days in extensive!  Anyone who has been around a low functioning autistic child knows exactly what I'm talking about. It is my intention to build this online store from the ground up and eventually have a large collection of unique enamel pins to choose from. I hope you decide to do business with us and I also hope you will consider signing up for our newsletter so I can let you know when have something new to offer you. 

Thanks again:)