Atari 7800 Console Enamel Pin
Atari 7800 Console Enamel Pin

Atari 7800 Console Enamel Pin

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The Atari 7800 was originally released in 1984 but the video game crash and the subsequent sale of Atari temporarily stopped the sale of the 7800. It would be re-released two years later but Atari already found themselves behind Nintendo's NES home gaming console which had really taken off that same year. Atari had gotten a bad reputation not only with gamers but also with retailers who took a huge financial loss when they found themselves saddled with tons of game cartridges they couldn't give away. Therefore the 7800 never really had a chance to compete in the home gaming market. I've never played with a 7800 and really don't recall it being for sale back in those days. This beautiful enamel pin was designed and produced to look like the original Atari 7800 system. Thanks for your purchase and your support:)

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